Ishihara Oil Blotting Paper


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These papers absorb excess oil and remove the shiny effect on your face without damaging the make- up or leaves a paper imprint.  Soft sheets can be used around the nose or other parts of the face. Skin clean from oil without the shiny.

How to use:

  • Pull out a sheet from the handy, easy-to-dispense pack.
  • Press a sheet firmly but gently against the shiny areas of your face, starting with your T-zone (areas of the nose, chin, and forehead).
  • Leave the blotting paper against your skin for a few seconds while the sheet absorbs the oil.
  • Don’t rub or move the paper across your skin to avoid removing makeup.
  • Simply pull away from the face in one motion.
  • Use a new sheet on other areas of your face as necessary.
  • Repeat the process every couple of hours, or every hour, depending on the severity of your skin.

Origin from Japan

Contents: 80 sheets

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 0.3 cm

Strong, Yuzu, Green Tea

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