Lion Pair Acne Face Wash

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From LION pair acne, comes the superficially acne treat designed creamy foam. It is a medicinal face wash that gently wash away the cause of trouble in acne skin.Medical design formula with low irritation. It can penetrate to skin, reduce oil and relief server acne from inside the pores, thus prevent the future acne. Work with anti-inflammation ingredients, it can remove all day dirt and excess oiliness, leaving skin a healthy condition. This product contains botanical blend including soybean extract, and vitamin C. Cleanse the skin gently by fine foam and does not make your skin stiff. Skin feels elastic, hydrated and bright. Product features: Deep cleaning:Thoroughly anti-inflammatory cleanses oily skin, removes excess oil and visibly tightens pores. The cream texture develops into a soft, rich foam which rinses off easily. Help keep skin hydrated and leaves skin elastic and moisturised. Visible tighten pores: treat acne skin and help tight visible pores. Light, refreshing and healing plant fragrance. How to use: Wet face with lukewarm water. Create lather in palms, then massage face with foam to cleanse. Rinse thoroughly. Origin from Japan Contents: 80ml Ingredients: glycyrrhizic acid, methyl phenylbutanol, myristic acid, glycerin, dipropylene glycol, iron hydroxide, palmitic acid, lauric acid, sorbitol, PEG-100, glycol distearate, fragrance, butylene glycol, tocopherol, ascorbic acid, glycine soja extract, propylparaben

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Dimensions 14.5 × 5 × 4 cm

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