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The head of the Beauty Bar, an electric-powered beauty implement, features a 24K pure gold finish.  It oscillates at a gentle 6,000 RPM – the perfect amount for facials and hand care. Now you can achieve luminous and lush skin.  Furthermore, it’s fully waterproof, so you can use it while relaxing in the bath.  Features 24K Gold Head Normalize your skin balance with the power of pure gold. A faint electric current runs through the body. Stress and aging can disrupt this current, causing skin trouble. Putting gold in contact with the skin improves the current and helps stimulate the metabolism. The Beauty Bar contains a pure gold finish on the head, letting you tap into this potential. 6,000 RPM fine oscillation A comfortable stimulus promotes healthy skin. Gentle oscillating stimulation is essential to healthy skin. This process enhances the skin’s metabolism and promotes a better blood flow. The Beauty Bar has 6,000 revolutions per minute and generates negative ions through that process that support beautiful skin. Gently apply the Beauty Bar to skin for 2-3 minutes while relaxing. Enjoy skincare while you bathe  The Beauty Bar is electric, but it is fully waterproof. Now you can enjoy a skincare regimen while relaxing in the bath. It is also ideal for a range of uses, from spot treatment of problem areas. Tackle numerous problem areas with just one item Wrinkles, sagging, nasolabial, dark under eye bags, a double chin, stiff neck How to use: Facial Care: Lightly holding the beauty bar against the face, slowly move it from the bottom to the top being careful not to use too much force. Move from the inside working your way out the the edges of your face. Hand Care: Our age tends to show in our hands, but you can easily give yourself an anti-aging hand treatment. Pinpoint care: With the narrow portion and rounded tip of the beauty bar, you can pinpoint areas such as the side of the nostril. Target problem areas: It is also effective for treating areas other than the face, such as upper arms, shoulders, and other parts of the body. Try it on your stiff, tired shoulders! Simply press the tip portion lightly for 2 to 3 seconds on the areas of concern. Origin From Japan Dimensions: body, 140mm long x 16mm diameter; T-bar head: 35mm long x 6mm diameter Weight: approx. 80g

Weight 120 g
Dimensions 17.2 × 7.2 × 3.4 cm

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