Onaka Belly Diet Support


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This Belly Fat Burning Supplement will help you get the physique that you’ve always wanted! This product helps to lose more belly fat than dieting and exercising alone. How does Onaka Belly Fat Burner Work? Onaka is made with Kudzu Flower Extract. Kudzu Flower Extract increases the activity of fat-burning genes and reduces the activity of genes that cause the body to lay down fat. Kudzu flower also displays properties that influence energy expenditure and uncoupling protein expression. This can result in enhanced metabolism and fat burning.

Taking Kudzu Properly Kudzu root should be avoided by anyone with a blood clotting or bleeding disorder and by women who are pregnant and/or lactating.

Origin from Japan 

Contents: 60 tablets

Weight 47 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 4 cm

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