Pola Inner Lock Liquid


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Haste approach the clarity from the body, drink white shot. In clear citrus flavor invites a crystal clear to beauty, it is a beauty drink to support the clarity from the body.Paula original composite raw materials "safflower Q", formulated the "Blanc Nord ®L", Paula original raw materials, "concentrate Amla". White shot series, a new beauty drink has emerged. Amla which is known as a super food. Using the high kind of nutritional value among them, Original and concentrated ingredient concentrate Amla extracting the useful components, Blended Blanc Nord ®L. The patented, is a health food for beauty. Please one by one day as a guide. We pulled out the clarity from the body. Nutrition Facts Energy 17kcal Amuraekisu the end of 50mg Protein 0g Safflower extract powder 10mg Lipid 0g Indokinoki extract the end of 5mg Carbohydrate 8.3g Yellow ?? extract the end of 5mg Sodium 47mg Vitamin C800mg Vitamin E3.4mg How to use:  A guide one per day, and unplugging slowly from lightly shaken two or three times, please drink. Origin from Japan  Contents: 30ml x 10 Bottles  

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