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Ryukakusan is an ultra fine powdered herbal medicine which is good for your throat.
Take without water. It works directly on the throat,
and soothes irritating symptoms such as severe cough and phlegm.

Ryukakusan is throat medicine which only contains herbal medicines. Active ingredients such as platycodon, senega, glycyrrhiza, and apricot kernel to activate antitussive and expectorant functions.
Reactivates the throat’s ciliary movement and soothes coughs and excretes unwanted phlegm. The Unique mild effect of herbal medicines relieves unwanted symptoms while also being gentle to your body.

When to take?

The throat inflammation or damage is cause by overusage of the throat, smoke, or inhaling unclean air. Having those symptoms, the throat no longer conducts the self­ cleansing. Then, cough starts. Ryukakusan’s active ingredients such as Saponin glycosides of Platycodon and Senega work on those conditions to stimulate fluid secretion onto the airway surface. Mucus membrane movement becomes active and removes phlegm, stops coughs and eases inflammation.

How to use:

Ryukakusan works directly on the throat membrane to activate its movement. By taking it with water, the main ingredient will be washed away. Please make sure to take without water, and wait at least 20 or 30 minutes before eating. Take the Ryukakusan powder using the attached spoon (one spoonful=0.3g)

  • Origin from Japan 
Weight 26 g
Dimensions 8.5 × 7.5 × 2 cm

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