Sowa Sowa Pure Damage Care Treatment


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SOWASOWA Pure Damage Care Treatment is salon quality damage care conditioner. It leads to hair styles that are easy to style, good hair and clear skin. Furthermore, fragrance such as hair fragrance lasts all day. More than 20 kinds of plant derived ingredients are blended. Treatment is paraben, mineral oil, legal pigment is not used. Origin from Japan  Contents: 500ml Ingredients: Throw away water, cyclo pentasiloxane, glycerin, stearyl alcohol, palmitic acid ethyl hexyl, hydrolysis silk, hydrolysis collagen, hydrolysis keratin (wool), arginine, chamomile flower extract, rosemary leaf extract, lemon fruit extract, sage leaf extract, grape leaf extract, fen cress leaf extract, fen cress extract, garlic root extract, burdock root extract, leaf / stem extract, arnica montana flower extract, leaf extract, St. John's wort flower / leaf / stem extract, horse chestnut leaf extract, say Yaw wound Tae kiss, field horsetail extract, bladder wrack extract, say Natsu Yaw sandwort flower extract, clematis leaf extract, Lamium album flower extract, say Yaw Japanese red pine cone extract, soapwort leaf / root extract, BG, citric acid, phenoxy ethanol, fumaric acid, ceteth -20, ethanol, tocopherol, Seta Nord, pentylene glycol; aroxy propyl trimonium chloride,  throw it away Al trimonium chloride, Tripoli hydroxy stearic acid dipentaerythrityl, die merge linoleic acid ( isoStare Lil / cetyl / Stare Lil / behenyl), guar hydroxypropyl trimonium chloride, stearic acid glyceryl,  MEA, hydroxylation Na, fragrance

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