Tamanohada Travel Set


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This series is a brand that was made in Japan based on the concept of enjoying the aroma even with a busy schedule. The shampoo is plant based with components that don’t cause any damage to the hair or skin. Is suitable for people who suffer from dry, rough, and flaky skin and provides the skin with an extra layer of moisture for protection. With natural vegetable-based ingredients, hair will be feeling refreshed without stripping it of its natural oils. Shampoo and Conditioner can be used daily and leaves hair having a naturally healthy feel.

Liquid; It is a liquid medicine made from vegetable raw material derived from palm oil.  Because it is the same weak acidity as the skin, it is a gentle washing rise with moist feeling.  You can put it in the washbasin space and use it as a hand. 

Shampoo: A non-silicon type fragrance shampoo that enjoys the fragrance.  Clean up the hair and the skin cleanly with plenty of plenty of foam. 

Conditioner: A conditioner that gives moisture to the damaged hair.  It finishes soft and soft hair, leaving a comfortable scent on hair the next day.

Origin from Japan

Contains: 80 ml of each product

Weight 329 g
Dimensions 15.2 × 7.6 × 5.2 cm

002 Musk, 003 Rose, 004 Gardenia

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