VENUS LAB-Thalasso Beaute Creme Depilatoire


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Packed with the blessings of the sea, a Spa inspired skin beautifying hair removal cream. Say Good Bye to painful and skin harming hair removal methods! This hair removal is made out of sea mud which include 4 types of seaweed extract and seawater minerals from Brittany France. It also includes the Quasi-drug which is a combination of marine collagen and squalane. This allows the product to deliver powerful hair removal action while also protecting the skin from absorbing depilatory ingredients. The ingredients allows for moisture retaining abilities and provides hydration to the keratin layer of the skin! The mud works to remove the hair right from the root! Can be used all over the body and is as quick as 5 minutes! How to use;  Apply the cream onto area you want to remove hair (dry skin).  Wipe off with tissue after 5 minutes Rinse off the excess cream with water, finnished! Origin from Japan  Contents: 200g Ingredients: Calcium Thioglycollate, Sulfur-Containing Aluminum Silicate, Seaweed Extract(1), Dried Sea-Water, Squalane, Apple Extract, Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract, Aloe Extract(2), Sweet Hydrangea Leaf Extract, Belamcanda Chinensis Extracted Liquid, Soy Extract, Jujube Extract, Lemongrass Extracted Liquid, Neem Leaf Extract, Hyaluronic Acid Na, BG, Collagen Tripeptide F, Polyoxyethylene Cetyl Ether, Cetostearyl Alcohol, Paraffin, Paraffin Liquid, Sodium Gluconate, Absolute Ethanol, Ethanol, PG, Medicinal Carbon, Caramel, pH Control Agents, Water, Aromatics  

Weight 230 g
Dimensions 19.1 × 7.8 × 4.7 cm

Original, Floral

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