WellDerma Magic Cleansing Cookie


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All-in-One perfect cleansing without chemical ingredients.

WellDerma Magic Cleansing Cookie vitalizes your skin by cleansing your face without causing any irritation
with its speacial and fine fabric made of German texchnology.
The product can be washed easily without any special detergent and it can be reused for about 200 times.

Low-Irritation Cleansing
No chemical substance, wash your face only with water.
Soft magic cleansing cookie minimized skin irritation.

All-in-One Cleanser
Sebum, makeup residue and oil hidden in deeper part of skin pores
the magic cleansing cookie cleanses them all.

Special Fiber Technology
The product is composed of special, fine fabric made by German technology
and it can be reused for about 200 times.

Origin from Korea

Weight 15 g

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