The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Seol Repair Set


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1. THE HISTORY OF WHOO GONGJINHYANG SEOL Radiant White Skin Balancer (Toner) 
Moisturize Your Skin without being Sticky
Make your skin Brighter & brighten up the skin complexion
An oriental medicinal skincare based on secret royal court ingredients
Make your skin as clean and clear as a white gem
You must love this when you ever use this milky fluid
Wild chrysanthemum extract, an active whitening ingredient, and chilhyang palbaeksan produce a whitening
synergy. Whitening Lotion helps keep the skin clean and transparent with a refreshed sensation. It goes on lightly
and gently, is rapidly absorbed and leaves no stickiness or dryness only moisturization and smoothness.
How to Use
After toner, apply an appropriate amount on entire face
The History of Whoo Whitening Moisture Cream from the GONGJINHYANG: SEOL series adopts secret whitening formula from Korean royal court. Containing chrysanthemum, seolgamsan and chillhyangpalbeaksan, it gives skin luxurious nourishment with whitening effect. Skin becomes soft, bright and radiant.
How to Use
Apply on face and neck after cleansing and toning.
4. THE HISTORY OF WHOO GONGJINHYANG SEOL Radiant White Intensive Corrector
130 new secret ingredients for whitening, seolgamsan and chilhyangpalbaeksan, are included in the highly concentrated whitening product that naturally covers skin flaws such as freckles and spots. 
The unique ointment-type cream is applied closely to the skin with a smooth an moisturizing feeling and reduces the appearance of flaws.
How to Use
After essence, apply to the needed area – spots, freckles and be absorbed softly as tapping smoothly.
5. THE HISTORY OF WHOO GONGJINHYANG SEOL Radiant Brightening & Cleansing Foam
A snow-white herb extracts foam cleanser that adds transparency to your skin.
While the rich and fine foam of the water-soluble cleanser thoroughly removes impurities and sebum even from the skin’s pores, its oriental medicine-based ‘Chilhyangpalbaeksan’ ingredients help keep the skin moist and clear.
‘Chilhyangpalbaeksan’ and mother chrysanthemum extract have been added to protect the skin and enhance the internal functioning of the skin to provide care for concealed spots as well as skin dullness.
It is an Oriental medicine-based whitening line for the fundamental resolution of skin problems.
How to Use
Wet the face, apply a sufficient amount of the product, and lather. Gently massage the entire surface of the face and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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